What the Valley Knows

( A Novel releasing January 25, 2018 )

"The writing is stellar and is a whole delight in itself."

"The characters are beautifully imagined and well-crafted."

"...strong themes masterfully written..."

"...pulsating; a story with unique and compelling characters."

"This sensational novel is a moving, poignant story. "

Millington Valley is a quintessential small Pennsylvania town: families go back generations. Football rules. Kids drink while adults look the other way. When smart and pretty Molly Hanover moves to town and attracts the attention of the football team’s hero, Wade Thornton—a nice guy with a bad drinking habit—longtime friendships are threatened and a popular cheerleader tries to turn the school against Molly.

The young couple’s dream of a future together is shattered when …

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What the Valley Knows: Heather Christie (Writer)

About Heather Christie (Writer):

When I was seventeen, I fell madly-sweep-you-off-your-feet in love. He broke my heart…

Fast forward twelve years and I fell into real estate, finding it the most efficient way to make money, and had the thrill of riding the real estate boom through the mid 2000s. By the time the housing market crashed, I was burned out and feeling like I had sacrificed my creative soul.

While working through an MFA program, I wrote my Young Adult crossover novel What The Valley Knows. And then I rewrote it, and rewrote it, and rewrote it.

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Heather’s Sunday Morning Blog


Have you stopped by looking for my blog? Great! Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and browse around. The first Sunday of the month I write a new post and share a little piece of my life. My two teenage kids take up a lot of space on the page. But I also love to write about the joy and… read more

The Last Soccer Season

When my family moved to the Oley Valley, I was in the second grade. The village had less than 2000 residents, one traffic light, and no football team. The Main Street was, and still is, lined with brick Victorians and old stone farmhouses. There’s the M & M...

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You Won’t Believe What My Husband Called Me!

Long ago when my husband and I first dated, he had sweet terms of endearment for me. Young love makes you say silly things. Darling. Sweetheart. Honeybunches. His friends teased him. But he couldn't help himself! He was so in love. And I secretly savored these pet...

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