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About Heather Christie WriterHi, there! So glad you landed on my website.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, the eldest of four children (I have two brothers and a sister). My dad was an emergency room doctor who loved old houses and my mother was a mathematician homemaker (a Temple valedictorian who insists she should have gotten her PhD before having all of us). My parents suffer from a disease called Let’s-Renovate-This-Old-House. My childhood was spent bouncing through rural Pennsylvania and along the Eastern Shore of Maryland as my parents restored one old house after another. Eventually we settled in the historic Oley Valley (a small town about an hour north west of Philadelphia). I grew up walking the quaint Main Street surrounded by beautiful hills, covered bridges, and rolling cornfields. In my memory, the sun is always shining and Mrs. Delong’s candy shop is always open. This little village and the people I knew there are imprinted in my psyche and have shaped much of my writing.

I’ve always been shy. So shy that in the fifth grade, I was the only kid in my class who didn’t get a part in the school play. My mother was furious and stormed up to the school to complain (I still didn’t get a part). I was a quiet child, but a fast runner, and won the fifty-yard dash, beating all the boys, the same year as my traumatic theatre exclusion. With two brothers I was a tomboy and earned a starting position on their all-boys’ soccer team. But soon the guys were playing on club teams and way back then there weren’t many options for girl soccer players (both brothers later played Division I College Soccer and my brother, Jamie, had a stint with the US National Team). To help me gain confidence, my mother enrolled me in modeling school under the guise that attending would help me break out of my shell.

And I loved it!

About-Heather-Christie-3By high school I was spending half the day in my tiny country school, then catching a Bieber Bus to NYC, and traipsing through the city on modeling go-sees and acting auditions. It was an exciting quest fueled by my desire to escape the small-minded bullying by a mean girl at my high school. At the time, I couldn’t get out of Oley soon enough! My senior year of high school, I attended the local community college and completed all of my credits required to graduate by December, and moved to New York City after that Christmas. The following September I started at Fordham University (Lincoln Center Campus). I landed a small part on a soap opera and worked the shoe shows to make money (the only modeling gig for a short person with a size six foot).

Two life-changing events happened in my late teen years.

For my sixteenth birthday my father gave me a plastic bag full of books—one of the most important gifts of my life, because it introduced me to the amazing world literature. The bag was stuffed with Hemingway, Salinger, Knowles, Vonnegut, and more. I’d sink into a book and lose myself.

And when I was seventeen, I fell madly-sweep-you-off-your-feet in love (he was a soccer player, of course). He broke my heart—and then I married him when I was nineteen (I know—so young!). I left New York City for Dallas, TX where my husband was playing professional soccer (he, too, played for the US National Team). Enrolling at the University of Texas, Dallas, I gave up my dreams of a career in show business, but fell deeper in love with books. I graduated with a B.A. in Literary Studies and became a flight attendant who secretly wrote terrible poetry, but got to see Africa.

We waited ten years before having kids, moving from city to city as my husband was traded to different teams. I fell into real estate, finding it the most efficient way to make money and had the thrill of riding the real estate boom through the mid 2000s. By the time the housing market crashed, I was burned out and feeling like I had sacrificed my creative soul. I started writing more and more and eventually found my way back to my true self by being accepted into and graduating from the Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College in Boston, MA (all while raising two children and managing a real estate company of one hundred and fifty people). Real estate is the perfect career for an author. It allows me to create my own schedule and carve out time for writing.

At Solstice I wrote my Young Adult crossover novel What The Valley Knows. And then I rewrote it, and rewrote it, and rewrote it, finally landing the respected agent Elizabeth Kaplan of The Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency.

In short, I’m a wife, mother, writer, real estate broker, new knitter, amateur cook, exercise freak, and avid reader. When I’m not selling houses, I’m writing my second novel and blogging. I’m thrilled that my blog has jumped off my page and onto Scary Mommy, Elephant Journal, Mamapedia, The Good Men Project, Grown & Flown, Parent.co, Bon Bon Break, the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, and The Lighter Side of Real Estate.

Currently, I live in Sinking Spring, PA with that same husband, Troy, our two teenagers, Cali and Cole, and our two cats, Ollie (the nice one—my writing mate) and Rocky (the not so nice one who is forever trying to bat Ollie off my work desk).

It works and this is a happy life! Don’t be shy about saying hello on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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