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Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and browse around. The first Sunday of the month I write a new post and share a little piece of my life.

My two teenage kids take up a lot of space on the page. But I also love to write about the joy and heartache of a long-term marriage, the gift of aging parents, my attempt to lead a healthy, mindful, and purpose-driven life, my career as a real estate professional, and what it’s like to chase a dream at middle age. And lots more. Sometimes I even throw in a recipe for Sunday dinner.

While it’s a blast when a big website re-syndicates one of my posts, my real goal is to write in a such a way that compels you pop back again and again to read my stories. I love it when you like, comment, or share a post. And when you subscribe to my email list—my heart lifts. You’re making my dream come true. Thanks.


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Does Middle Age Give You Night Terrors?

The metaphorical light at the end of the parenting tunnel is growing brighter. As my kids near their launch into the great big world, I realize I’ve passed the halfway point. The hard, physical work of parenthood is behind me. While the last sixteen years have been...

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This Is A Ghost Story And It’s True

On my computer screen, a grainy black and white photograph stares at me. It’s jarring how young he was. And how handsome. And that he was dead at forty-one—an age younger than I am now. His obituary photo is all that pops up when I Google his name—the single evidence...

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We Have A Guest For Tea & Scones: Joyce McPherson

The Solstice MFA In Creative Writing Program introduced me to many talented writers. I am lucky to count Joyce McPherson among them. Today Joyce guest blogs in celebration of her newly released children's book The Dickens Connection. Her full bio is below. Read on to...

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Smile And You Will Never Be Wrong

Wayne Dyer says, “Loving People live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” Turn on the TV or radio, pick two channels, and you’ll find opposing interpretations of humanity. Refuges good. Immigration bad. The sky is falling. Everything...

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Dear Mom, This Is Why I Love You

Dear Mom, I'm sorry you had to watch your mother die from Alzheimer’s Disease. You worry it might be your fate. And mine, too. Sometimes you grow melancholy and say your game is almost over. It’s late in the second half and the clock is burning down. “I can’t believe...

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Be Honest: Do You Know Why Today Is A Special Day?

It’s the third Sunday of September. Heather, you think as you sip your morning coffee. You are stating the obvious, which is not good for a writer. Agreed, but there’s probably something you don’t know about the third Sunday in September. It’s top secret—almost CIA...

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