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Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and browse around. The first Sunday of the month I write a new post and share a little piece of my life.

My two teenage kids take up a lot of space on the page. But I also love to write about the joy and heartache of a long-term marriage, the gift of aging parents, my attempt to lead a healthy, mindful, and purpose-driven life, my career as a real estate professional, and what it’s like to chase a dream at middle age. And lots more. Sometimes I even throw in a recipe for Sunday dinner.

While it’s a blast when a big website re-syndicates one of my posts, my real goal is to write in a such a way that compels you pop back again and again to read my stories. I love it when you like, comment, or share a post. And when you subscribe to my email list—my heart lifts. You’re making my dream come true. Thanks.


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Dear Mom, This Is Why I Love You

Dear Mom, I'm sorry you had to watch your mother die from Alzheimer’s Disease. You worry it might be your fate. And mine, too. Sometimes you grow melancholy and say your game is almost over. It’s late in the second half and the clock is burning down. “I can’t believe...

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Would This Make You Cry?

“Cry,” my five-year old daughter whispered in my ear. “It’s okay to cry now.” She was wedged on my hip as I carried her into her kindergarten classroom for the first time. The expectation was that I would break down in the same I-am-so-sad-you’re-starting-school tears...

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How To Tell Your Husband THIS

I met my husband in the late 1980’s. And while lots of important things happened in that decade (like the Cold War and all), I had more pressing concerns as I was living through a cultural renaissance. Pac Man. Sony Walkmans. New Coke. The Simpsons. MTV. In the...

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Who Is That Old Lady In The Mirror?

I was at the mall the other day, rushing into Boscov’s to buy some lipstick, when I caught the reflection of an older woman wearing the same leopard print coat that I was wearing. Hmm . . . that’s funny. I’d purchased my threads at the Coach Outlet store thirty-five...

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How Many Pennies Does It Take To Get To Egypt?

My laundry room is too small. It never sees the sun. And there’s not enough space to fold clothing so I am forever lugging huge baskets of clean wash to the master bedroom. Over the years, in an effort to make the laundry closet a cheerier space, I’ve plastered the...

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How To Know When You’re Almost Pregnant

I’m like the woman who can’t get pregnant. She made the mistake of opening her big mouth and telling everybody that this was her year—the year she’d have a baby. But months and months later, she still hasn’t conceived. She’s won’t go on Facebook lest she spot a...

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Growing Up, You First Then Me

One of the nicest people in the blogosphere is writer Lisa Leshaw. She spreads kindness all over the internet by supporting, commenting, and sharing other writers' work. By day, Lisa is a mental health professional specializing in adolescence, blended families, and...

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