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heather-christie-portfolioWriter’s Digest;
8 Things You Must Do When Your First Book Is Launched

Scary Mommy:
I Stopped Doing My Family’s Laundry (And I Have No Plans To Resume That Task)
I Wasn’t Ready For This Phase of Parenthood: The Un-Needing
To My Son As He Enters His Junior Year of High School

Baltimore’s Child
Defender Dad

The Good Men Project:
How I Told My Husband He Was Out Of Style
Want To Know What It’s Really Like To Have A Doctor For A Dad?
A Sister’s Question To Her Brothers: Is Winning Everything?
A Veteran’s Daughter Sounds Off: It is Time to Say Thank You to My Dad and Those Like Him

The Lighter Side of Real Estate:
I’m A Real Estate Agent. Am I A Sleaze?
Dear New Realtor, Here Are The Secrets You Must Know To Make It

Grown & Flown:
My Teenage Son Is Dumb, He Thinks I’m Dumber
My Teenage Son Hated Reading Until This Happened
First Day of High School: What I Hope My Daughter Never Outgrows

Elephant Journal:
Be Honest: Are You Really Paying Attention?
“Do you think I’m Fat?” How I finally Quieted the Nasty Voices in My head.
Who Do You Want To Be?
How To (Really) Live

Midlife Boulevard:
How Do You Feel About Birthdays?
Show More Skin, Be More Popular. Sad But True?

Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop:
Niagara Fall or Bust!
You won’t believe what my husband called me!

BonBon Break:
Is Winning Everything?

How To Make Your Kid Crazy (for real)
The Most Important Lesson of My Childhood
5 Tips For A Young Mother

Sammichs and Psych Meds:
Do You Want To Know What It’s Like Married To A Professional Athlete?
Remember This When Teaching A Teenager To Drive
Be Honest – Who Is Really Paying For This?

Her View From Home
Dear Mom, This Is Why I Love You
My Grandmother Has Left. This Is What She Left Behind.

Blunt Moms
Who Is That Old Lady In The Mirror?

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